Tourist Attractions in Redhouse, Western Region, Eastern Cape

Tourist Attractions near Redhouse, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Marina Saltworks, Swartkops

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Swartkops River Mouth

courtesy of Graham Hobbs Panomario
Swartkops aloes

courtesy of Graham Hobbs Panomario

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Redhouse Attractions
Aloe Trail: 7 km
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Bluewater Bay

The quiet, little village of Redhouse is only 15 minutes from Port Elizabeth and yet here time stands still. The village perches right on the edge of the Swartkops River. The main activity is the Redhouse Yacht Club and Sailing School, which offers regattas, river sailing and rowing. There is also the annual Redhouse River Mile swimming competition that attracts quite a bit of media attention and swimmers come from far field to take part.

Yet another demonstration of the quaintness of Redhouse is the story of 'Ma' Jeanne - who at 90 was still repairing sails for local and international yachtsmen. Foreign sailors were in the habit of turning up at her garden gate unannounced with their broken sails.