Tourist Attractions in Venterstad, Amatola & Stormberg, Eastern Cape

Tourist Attractions near Venterstad, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Gariep Dam near Oviston

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Gariep dam wall

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Gariep Dam sluice

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Things To Do in Venterstad
Venterstad Attractions
Montagu Golf Club: 23 km
Gariep Dam: 38 km

One of the most appealing attractions of Venterstad, a small town situated on one of the Southern spurs of the Gariep Dam, is its proximity to the Oviston Nature Reserve. This 13,000 hectare reserve runs alongside the Gariep Dam and conserves part of the False Upper Karoo ecosystem. The nearby Orange-Fish River Tunnel is the longest irrigation tunnel in the world.

The Oviston Nature Reserve has has more than 48 mammalian species, and nearly 150 avian species have been identified in the area. The Oviston Nature Reserve is traversed by over 50kms of game viewing roads, and has as a guided overnight wilderness trail. There is controlled hunting in season.

There are excellent recreational activities to be found close to Venterstad. The country's largest dam is a magnet to water sports enthusiasts and there is excellent fishing in the Gariep Dam.