Tourist Attractions in Rocktail Bay, Zululand & Maputuland, KwaZulu-Natal

Tourist Attractions near Rocktail Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Rocktail Bay - Elephant Coast

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Blackrock Bay

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Beach Scene on the Elephant Coast

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Mabibi, Lake Sibaya

Blackrock Beach

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Rocktail Bay is situated in the northern reaches of the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park in northern Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. This whole area has been declared a World Heritage Site. Just offshore from Rocktail Bay is the Maputaland Marine Reserve, which offers an additional sanctuary with extraordinary diving and snorkelling encounters with huge shoals of fish, dolphins and whales. Here you can witness the leatherback turtle laying its eggs and baby turtles getting their first taste of the Indian Ocean. The Bay has its own big five, namely the Leatherback Turtle, Palmnut Vulture, Butanes Skink, Lion Fish and Zululand Cycad. Two interesting antelope can be found locally, common Reedbuck in marshes and grasslands and Red Duiker in forest patches. Hippo are found in fresh-water lakes.

Rocktail Bay, which is named after a trawler, the Rocktail, that was wrecked offshore, offers nearly 40 kilometres of completely unspoilt beach where you can walk for hours without even seeing another human. This is without doubt one of the most beautiful spots in South Africa. For the birding enthusiast the is some excellent birding here, with coastal species like the Green Twinspot, Green Coucal, Grey Waxbill, Purplecrested and Livingstone's Louries, Natal Robin and jewel-like emerald Cuckoo in forests, Pinkthroated Longclaw and Rufonsbellied Heron in marshy areas. Various waders frequent the shoreline.